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Some magic practitioners practice Egyptian Magic.  Egyptian magic is a type of religion practiced, it is believed, since ancient times.  Some believe it is magic that came out of Atlantis and traveled to ancient Egypt.  Now there are practitioners of Egyptian witchcraft, who do Egyptian witchcraft spells and even love spells all over the world. 

Magic as a whole is an important aspect of Egyptian belief systems. Those who practice Egyptian witchcraft believe that all things vibrate with a living type of magic and that the actions of certain sacred animals and birds can tell what the will of the gods and goddesses are.  They believe that all things around the universe can be known with the correct divination systems in Egyptian magic.

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Practitioners of Egyptian magic use incantations, spells and certain rituals to commune with the spirits and use the power of the gods and goddesses. The deities used in Egyptian witchcraft are unique to the practice of the magic; each has its own type of power and usefulness.

There is archeological evidence that this form of magic was practiced many centuries ago and probably has been relatively unchanged since the ancient times.  Some spells have been written down in order to be followed by practitioners of the future or to share Egyptian witchcraft spells with others in the same coven or group involved with the witch or wizard.

One Egyptian spell involves the use of divination using a lamp.  You basically need to go to a clean room or cell that has no light and dig a hole into a wall facing East.  Take out a white lamp that has a clean wick.  Fill the lamp with real palm oil and recite words related to the spell.  You need to praise the god Ra during the rising of the sun.  Hold the lamp opposite to the sunrise and recite the incantation four times.  Put pure Frankincense on a form of fire and close your eyes.  Then you are supposed to open your eyes in the direction of the lamp to see the shadow of the god near the lamp.  Talk to the god about what bothers you.  Finally, put clarified butter within the lamp.  If you are doing love spells, you put oil of roses into the lamp.

As you can see, the spells of Egyptian witchcraft are unique to this practice of magic and use herbs and other ingredients typical of Egypt and its surrounding area.  Few other spells from, say Wicca, would use Frankincense as a part of a spell.  This lamp spell uses gods specific to Egyptian magic and can be used to create a very nice love spell.  Through the use of rose oil, you can draw from the energy of the gods in order to make someone fall in love with you or to draw in the love of your life.  It all depends on the incantations used along with the power of the gods used in the spell. 

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