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Herbs and Plants

Herbs and Meaning

Herbs are another essential ingredient in a spell.  When using herbs and plants in magic, you can intensify the power of a spell while also increasing the energy of the intention behind the spell.  If you choose to add herbs to a spell working, you will find that not only is the spell more effective, but the effects are often greater than you imagined they could be.  Herbs and plants hold their own energy and by adding their energy to yours in a spell, the results can be dramatic.

We offer herbs and plants for (but not limited to):

The Energy of Nature

Nature is already an energy source we tap into.  From the foods we eat to the products we use every day, we are always looking to nature to give us energy.  When using plants and herbs in magic, you can tap into the innate energy stores that plants hold.  Plants live and breathe, just like humans do, though many people forget this.  They have their own energy to help them live, to grow, and to be fruitful.  If plants did not have their own energy, they would die off – and humans may not exist.  In this complicated relationship, we can begin to see that each plant and each herb has its own power to share.  From the lavender with its calming properties to mugwort and its potential to cause visions, the energy of plants allows us to access the energy of nature and then direct it in spells.  Plants are a part of their surroundings and environment as well, picking up the energy of an area and the people who take care of the plant.  These energies too can work within the spell to help bring an intention into being.

Adding Power to Spells and to Magic

There are many ways in which herbs and plants can be used in magickal workings.  One of the simplest ways to use herbs is in cleansing before, after, and even during a spell.  Certain plants and herbs help to clear away negative energy to help ready a person for a spell or to remove any negative energy that a spell has brought to the surface.  Herbs and plants can also be used in actual potions for spell work.  By creating oils and tinctures, incenses and herb bags, a person can continue to work on the spell for months at a time.  With each new spell working, that herbal essence or product can have more energy added to it. 

Creating a Spell Recipe for Success

Choosing the right herbs and plants for use in magick is essential.  You want to think about the energy of the plant and how it relates to the spell working you do.  Think about the energy you want to go into the spell and think about the outcome you want.  If you want to have a peaceful resolution for a problem, then you should use plants and herbs which are peaceful.  If you want to intensify a project or a goal, then you need to find herbs and plants that can follow that energy pattern. While certain plants and herbs are recommended for certain spell workings, listening to the plant and using what calls to you is another way to ensure you’ve chosen the right plant for your unique needs.

Herbs and plants used in magick are as varied as the spells in which they are used.  By thinking of the natural world as being filled with allies and with helpers, you can see how adding pieces of nature to your spell working makes sense – and it increases the power of the spells themselves.


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