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Obeah is a religion and practice of magic that has origins in Western Africa.  When cast by a skilled Obeah man, Obeah spells are considered very powerful.  They should never be taken lightly as the power of the spell is nothing to be trifled with.  You should turn to Obeah love spells or regular Obeah spells only if you have great need and desire to see something happen to your advantage.  You should have Obeah love spells or Obeah spells of healing or financial success only when you have exhausted all other options and are prepared for a successful spell that you must deal with when the spell comes true.

Obeah spells are usually complicated and involve giving offerings or sacrifices to specific Deities.  The deity used depends on the type of spell required.  Obeah spells are considered completely secretive and few are aware of how the spells are performed.  Such Obeah spells are often passed down orally from one person to another.  The Obeah man is likened to a Shaman who can help people in the Obeah community through the use of Obeah spells and Obeah love spells.  The Obeah man has what’s known as an Oanga bag or medicine bag that contains secret herbs, bodily secretions of animals, bones and roots.  These items are used in Obeah spells and rituals.

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The Obeah man is skilled in developing an altered state of consciousness.  This helps the Obeah man make contact with the deities he or she needs to make the spell successful.  It is an altered state similar to states made by other shamanistic religions and takes practice to get right.  The altered state of consciousness is sometimes brought on in its own right and sometimes requires the use of herbs and plants that have hallucinogenic properties.  Some plants used in rituals to achieve an altered state include Bella Donna and Nightshade.  There is a plant known as the “Vine of the Soul” that is involved in the making of a Sorcerer’s Brew the Obeah man uses to create certain rituals, Obeah spells and Obeah love spells.  Plants similar to peyote are also used. 

Music, dance and drumming are a big part of Obeah rituals, similar to what you’d find in voodoo.  It is believed that music and dance help the people find a greater communication with spirits.  Dancing in its ritual form is necessary in the casting of Obeah spells.  Blood offerings from certain animals can be also used in Obeah spells.  The sacrifice of animals may be necessary for an Obeah spell to work.

Contrary to what some people believe, Obeah and its practices are not evil or dangerous.  Obeah can be used to bring about love using Obeah love spells and there are also spells for the attainment of money and protection.  Good health can be a theme of an Obeah love spell.  The Obeah man can cast an Obeah spell that leads to increased fertility, personal purification and spells of joy and enlightenment. 

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