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Obeah is a faith that has often been misunderstood since it is similar in many ways to voodoo. Some people associate obeah spells with black magic, which is simply not true. Much of obeah spells crystallized in the Caribbean, combining only the most powerful spells of voodoo, which makes it very powerful. There are several types of spells associated with Obeah. There are spells for love, to attract money, to protect against evil, and much more. Obeah is often referred to as a science although it works on the supernatural, spiritual and unseen worlds.

Obeah spells are usually complicated and involve giving offerings or sacrifices to specific Deities.  The deity used depends on the type of spell required.  Obeah spells are considered completely secretive and few are aware of how the spells are performed.  Such Obeah spells are often passed down orally from one person to another.  The Obeah man is likened to a Shaman who can help people in the Obeah community through the use of Obeah spells and Obeah love spells.  The Obeah man has what’s known as an Oanga bag or medicine bag that contains secret herbs, bodily secretions of animals, bones and roots.  These items are used in Obeah spells and rituals.

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What most people look for today are obeah love spells. These are harmless and never used to manipulate a person against his or her free will. These spells are powerful and therefore you need to be sure of what you want and only contact an obeah practitioner when you have exhausted other resources. Some of the ingredients used in obeah spells remain a secret so you won’t get to know what is involved in your spell. During a spell, the practitioner enters into a trance in order to communicate with the spirits.
Obeah spells can be used to bring good fortune as well. Although obeah may have the power to curse as well, these spells are not used. Charms and amulets are used to ward off evil and are usually included in spell casting. If you decide to cast an obeah spell then you need to remember that you are responsible for its effects. Obeah has a lot of positive magic that can be used by individuals to help in their personal development. So whether you have issues with your domestic life, relationships, health, or romance, you can turn to obeah for help. Exorcism is also an activity associated with the obeah.

Obeah love spells are harmless with no negative side effects for either the spell caster or the beneficiary. Just make sure you about what you really want from your love life since these spells can be very powerful and irreversible. The more distinct you are about your objectives the safer you will be when a spell is cast. Obeah has been around for centuries with many words of wisdom passed down for our benefit. Don’t always expect miracles, but have belief and faith and your obeah spell will work. Just make sure you use it for an excellent cause.

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