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Voodoo is an ancient form of religion that uses voodoo spells, voodoo rituals and even voodoo love spells.  It is considered to be thousands of years old—as long as people lived in Africa.  Voodoo is now practiced around the world, including South America, the Caribbean and some parts of North America, especially around Louisiana.  The word means Great Spirit or God Creator.  Contrary to popular culture, voodoo does not involve itself in human sacrifice or devil worshipping. Rather, voodoo is considered a life affirming practice that uses the laws of nature to make things happen. Practitioners of voodoo are considered priests or priestesses of voodoo. 

Voodoo traveled to the new world from slave ships out of Africa. It was taken up and altered by those living in the Caribbean and later to those practicing voodoo in the southern part of the US.  Many of the spirits in voodoo are also animals. The use of trance is common in the practice of voodoo. Everyone has heard of voodoo dolls, which are a popular way to make something happen in the future to a specific person. Not all voodoo spells are bad. They have voodoo love spells that can bind a person to you or can make you find the love of your life through the use of a spell or voodoo doll. 

Over time, voodoo has had a mix of Catholicism within it. Catholic saints are used and catholic rituals are used as well. This is especially true of voodoo that is based in North America and the Caribbean. The purpose of voodoo spells, in many cases, involves the healing of relationships, individuals and groups of individuals. Ultimately, it involves a greater relationship with God himself. 

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African slaves, around 1500 or later, clung to their belief system in voodoo as a way to cope with their confinement as slaves.  The religion was mixed with Catholicism because the slave owners forced their religion on the slaves who incorporated it with their base religion. Now, aspects of both religions are seen in voodoo and the answer to the question, “what is voodoo?” has changed over time.

In this religion, there is one supreme God who is considered very abstract and omnipotent. Beneath this single God are many spirits, also called Loa. The Loa governs the rules over things like love, happiness, health, justice and harvest or hunting.  Voodoo practitioners make offerings to the various Loa in order to keep the Loa happy. Each Loa has specific vegetables, fruits, colors, days of the week or numbers associated with it. They manifest themselves through weather phenomenon, such as the rays of the sun, the sky, and storms. Certain animals are associated with different Loa. There are even stones associated with different Loa. 

In the practice of voodoo, ancestors are very important and are often used in consultation in important matters. There are things known as Griots, which are passed down orally from an elder practitioner of voodoo to a new practitioner of voodoo.  They are rarely written down and there is an emphasis on keeping the Griots the same throughout the ages. 

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